We recently helped Ms. Gupta get a variety of toys for her Pre-2K class, in which more than 75% of the kids came from low-income households. Here’s what she said:

My Students

I teach reading to many different classes of brilliant girls in New York City. Many of my students are English Language Learners and children with special needs. Most qualify for free and reduced-price lunch.

All of my students are creative, thoughtful, and eager learners, and much of their knowledge this year has been expressed through their literacy and play.

It has been so exciting to see them fully engaged each day as they learn through collaboration and play with their peers.

I teach 27 bright and beautiful second graders in a high-need area of New York City.

My students and I have been working intensively to get to grade level proficiency in reading. We set realistic reading goals and are working to make at least one year’s growth. They have a goal-setting mindset.

My Project

Do you remember being stuck inside for months at a time during the cold winter months or the rainy spring weeks? My students need activities that will entertain and challenge them during this recess time. Free play during recess times helps these students learn to work toward a goal, interact with other students, play on a team, and resolve disagreements. We currently don’t have enough games or activities in our classroom that students can use during indoor recesses. This makes our free play time a dreaded event rather than a time they can have fun. Let’s change that for my students! With these materials, my students will have the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing. They can learn to make things with the play doh and kinetic sand. I am also requesting dolls and classic boards games like Jenga and Candyland!

My students love to engage in creative play.Please help them to see that there are fun, productive, and challenging things to do indoors! Your generous donation will be treasured in our classroom every day! Thank you so much for your support! It is greatly appreciated.

We loved the idea of the kids having fun and entertaining activities to keep themselves busy and so we stepped in. Here’s what Mrs. Gupta said once the donations and toys arrived:

I cannot begin to tell you about the excitement and joy that my beautiful students felt when I opened the brand new toys and treats and unveiled them in our classroom. They immediately wanted to use their hard earned scholar dollars to shop for the brand new items. Some of my children even wanted to take the materials with them to the cafeteria so that they could play with them during recess time. Your generous gift is something that is enjoyed by my students every single day and it has such a great impact on their learning and future. I believe so strongly in instilling a love of learning at an early age and fostering that love and growth could never be possible without the support of donors like you. These rewards are a great way to celebrate all of the hard work and effort that my students put towards their learning every day. Since they received news that the proposal was funded, my students are constantly asking me about you and truly think of you as their friend. On behalf of my 26 excited learners, thank you!!!!

With gratitude,
Ms. Gupta

It always makes us feel great to see the kids smiling and having fun with new toys to play with!