We recently donated to Mrs. King’s elementary class, because she said they needed a little bit of motivation to keep good attendance, especially in a high poverty area. Here’s what she had to say:

My Students

Our school is a K-5 building with approximately 564 students. Our students come from a variety of economic backgrounds, however, our school has 100% of our students receiving free lunch. With our community having many families living in poverty, students often have a difficult time coming to school every day.

In order to close the education gap, the students need to be in the classroom daily.

To improve our attendance, we have been having monthly drawings for students who have had perfect attendance for the month. We draw the names of two students each month to win the monthly prize. Students love having a chance to win one of the prizes and this has improved some of our students’ attendance.

My Project

I am requesting two Amazon Fire Tablets with protective cases to use as an incentive for perfect attendance. Students will be eligible to win a tablet if they have had perfect attendance any month this school year. Each month the student has perfect attendance, their name will be entered for the end-of-the-year drawing. This serves as an incentive for the students to come to school on time all year long.

Our students live in a digital world.

More students every year make use of technology to further their education. In the technology age we live in, students are logging on to read not only for learning, but also for entertainment. While many of our families have internet access, most students do not have technology at home that allows them to keep up with our digital world. Most students will set a goal of having perfect attendance in order to have a chance at winning a tablet.


Here’s what Mrs. King had to say once the donations arrived:

Thank you so much for your donation to our project, “Getting Fired Up About Attendance”. This is going to be a great incentive to improve attendance. Your donation is going to make two of our students very happy and give them the opportunity to improve their technology skills.

Please thank all the people at your company who made this possible for out school. We can never thank you enough.

With gratitude,
Mrs. King