We recently helped donate snacks to Ms. Botan-Bote’s classroom in Modesto, California, where the kids did not have nutrition breaks on Wednesdays and had to wait too long until lunch. From Ms. Botan-Bote:

My Students

Our students are a perfect blend of multicultural and socioeconomic diversity. Many come from homes where English is a second language. Among the languages spoken on our campus are Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and even Romanian. The units covered in our 7th grade World History Class touch on almost everyone’s heritage. My goal is to highlight global cultures (following state curriculum), foster tolerance, understanding, awareness, as well as to spark the interest of my students. When a student makes a connection from headline news with our course of study, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

My Project

Every Wednesday our district adjusts the school day so teachers can get together after school, and work in professional learning communities. The students get a minimum day, but there’s a small hiccup. To make the schedule work, we eliminate nutrition break on Wednesdays. Some of my students have too long wait until 5th-period lunch. For students who bring cold lunches from home, I make exceptions and allow them to snack during class.

Students who receive free and reduced lunches, and don’t have snacks to bring from home, have a long wait till lunch.

It would be great to have some fruit snacks or granola to hold them over until lunch time.


The snacks were ordered and the kids were pretty happy!