We recently donated play-doh arts supplies to Mrs. Cruz’s Prekindergarten class where nearly all students are from low-income households. The play-doh was intended to help the students have some fun in the class and enjoy art.  From Mrs. Cruz:

My students need play-doh to help with fine motor skills, as well as creativity.

My Students

My students are not provided with the support and resources that they need and deserve. They are very eager, energetic, fun preschoolers who want nothing more than to succeed in the classroom and build the foundation they need to be successful in the school years to come. I teach in a very low-income community. Many of my students are from Spanish-speaking homes with limited English. I want to give my students every opportunity in my classroom, so they can enjoy all preschool has to offer.

My Project

Play-doh is an important facet of the early childhood environment. Play-doh exploration provides important opportunities for the development of fine motor skills (such as pushing, squishing, squeezing, and pinching). And, as many early childhood teachers know, it provides an excellent outlet for releasing tension and stress. It is calming to children! My students are of age cycle 3 and enjoy the pure sensory experience of playing with play-doh. They are able to focus their attention as well as use their creativity to manipulate the play-doh into whatever they have in mind. They are also building their language as they interact with each other at the play-doh table to discuss what they are creating.

We were more than happy to help the kids with their play-doh and everyone had a lot of fun when the new play-doh arrived.