We recently donated a new tenor saxophone case for the band program run by Mrs. Elbing’s classroom, which is in a high poverty area with more than 1/3 of the students from low-income households. From Mrs. Elbing:

My students need a new tenor saxophone case for our band program.

My Students

Just like putting a case on a brand new phone, our students need a case for their tenor saxophone to help remain in good condition for years to come.

Our students love performing on their instruments for concerts.

We are constantly practicing for various performances, and need to make sure that the instruments that the students play stay in great playing conditions. The only way to assure that the instruments are safe when not being played is to have proper cases for all of the instruments. Our motto in band is, “Only practice on the days you eat!” To do this, the instruments have to travel back and forth from school to home. A protective case is a sure way to protect the instrument, so please help set these students up for success by donating for a protective tenor saxophone case!

My Project

A new tenor saxophone case will protect the band program’s tenor saxophone, which various students throughout the school play. The tenor saxophone plays an intricate roll in our ensemble, and this case will help maintain its great playing condition for many years to come.

The current tenor saxophone case that the band program has is falling apart because the case along with the instrument has been in this program for years.

A new case can help the tenor saxophone last for many years to come, and will give future students a chance to play this instrument to contribute to the excellent tradition that our school band has developed.

This was absolutely another project well worth funding and the band kids were very happy with the saxophone case!