Our Mission

The mission of the Los Angelitos Arts Foundation is to enrich student artists in arts and visual arts in the Los Angeles area and nationwide. We focus our efforts on supporting students in historically underserved areas.

The Foundation fulfills its mission with an all-volunteer organization. There are no offices or salaries but significant commitment, hard work and camaraderie. The  staff  raises funds for the grant recipients with to ensure that the arts  remain a vibrant creative force in our dynamic community. We encourage participation and support of all arts organizations throughout Los Angeles and nationwide.

We are a non-profit charity organized under the laws of the state of California and as a  501(c)(3) organization, support arts organizations of all sizes to keep the arts alive and growing. The Foundation will continue its challenge to provide funds to help our student artists and serve and inspire our community.

Support the Los Angelitos Arts Foundation and
Enrich the Lives of Student Artists
throughout Los Angeles and Nationwide