We recently helped Mr. Pluhm with stage lights that he needed for his performing arts students in Hartsburg.  They loved putting on plays and dramatic shows, but did not have the right type of lighting. Here’s what he shared:

My Students

Payge is a very fun and creative student. She loves the performing arts and has been in past plays such as “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet” and “Oz.” She and her fellow students involved in these plays put a lot of effort into them. This year we are putting on a musical, “Back to the 80’s.” Payge wants to ensure that not only the current students at our school get their time in the spotlight but also the future students.

This project is assisting to provide a proper environment to showcase many skills that students will learn. Throughout our work and many hours of practice, students will grow from simply reading words to molding them into meaning. Practicing putting emphasis on certain words in our musical script and learning how stressing other words can provide different meaning will direct students into filling the role of a character.

Students improving their own acting is one aspect of this project, but another extremely important part of our musical is teamwork. Students will be working together to design a set, choreograph dances and sing songs. Not all ideas will make it to the final production and learning how to respect each other’s ideas and combining them into something we can all be happy with is certainly a critical life skill. The amount of work that students will put into this musical definitely deserves to be displayed proudly and these lights will assist greatly.

My Project

We need these lights to shine light on our students’ hard work and dedication to the performing arts. Hopefully these lights will last us for many years to come so we can be sure to showcase everyone’s talents they have put in such hard work to perfect. We will use these lights for concerts, plays and/ or musicals.

Payge has worked really hard on the past performances she has been involved in. Knowing that our stage appears dark to the audience, she wants to take a step in the right direction and make it so not only her hard work is showcased, but all of her fellow actors and performers. That includes High School, Junior High and Grade School. The grade school holds their programs at the high school on the stage, so do the junior high and high school.

Getting these lights will not only brighten the stage but shine more light on the students here at our Jr./Sr. High school. We want to be sure that all students get their chance at having a moment in the spotlight.

“My generation is thought of as lazy and untalented. Maybe us showing our talents and hard work will change how people view us.” – Payge

You certainly can’t put on a great play without the right lights, so we were more than happy to step in. Here’s what Mr. Pluhm had to say when he received the stage lights:

We had an excellent production of Back to the 80’s thanks in part to your donation. The lights that you helped us acquire really made our performance shine and we got many compliments on how we looked on stage.

In addition to these lights making us look like stars, we learned how to control stage lights using a light board. We did a lot of work with fading of the lights and blackouts which put a nice finishing touch on our scenes.

These lights will be used for many performances to come and we hope to do even more advanced lighting techniques in the future. Thank you for helping us enhance our theater program, it’s nice to know we have support for the arts!

With gratitude,
Mr. Pluhm’s class