We recently donated paint, brushes, and canvas to Mrs. Smith’s pre-kindergarten class to help the kids with their creativity and sharpen their fine motor skills. Here’s what Mrs. Smith had to say:

My Students

I am blessed to teach preschool and be a part of the first years of school for 32 kids My students vary from 3-5 years old and include both students with disabilities and typically-developing peers. Many students receive free or reduced-price tuition.

My students are curious, energetic and love to learn.

They are learning so much at this age. I try to provide them with a wide range of experiences, including academic, sensory, dramatic play and technology in order to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.

My Project

My students are curious about art and request to paint often. Art supplies, such as new paints, canvas boards and brushes, would be wonderful and so appreciated.

Painting helps preschool students learn to use the fill-in method, works on fine motors skills, teaches routines and responsibility, allows students to be creative and use their imaginations, as well as builds their self-confidence.Art provides so many learning opportunities! The canvases would be used for each student to create their artwork and show it off during our school’s annual art show, then students could take it home to treasure. These supplies would provide so much for my students.

We just could not wait to help get the kids what they were needing and Mrs. Smith did a great job of giving us a full report on the fun they had:

Thank you so very much for funding this project and allowing my students to experience various forms of art. They created special tote bags for their VIPs (Very Important People, i.e. family or special friend), used the rainbow sketch paper with tools and created child-directed collages with foam stickers and feathers. These simple art materials have helped them work on following directions, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and social skills. They also had so much fun using the supplies. Thank you for your kindness!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Smith

Here are her photos: