We recently helped Ms. Buccioni get some high-interest graphic novels for her classroom kids in Santa Monica who were not always “totally interested” in reading. Here’s what she had to say:

My Students

I serve an incredible, diverse group of teens and tweens from Santa Monica and the surrounding Los Angeles area. We are a Title I school with many socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and the primary mission of our school and district is to achieve excellence through equity.

Many of my students are reluctant readers, and I have made it my mission this year to help them find the perfect book that will reveal to them the wonder of reading and lead them down the path to becoming lifelong readers.

My Project

Many of my entering middle school students are reluctant readers, and they often continue to be reluctant readers throughout their middle school years. My classroom library is filled with high-interest books, but many of them are long tomes that are more appropriate for advanced readers.

I want to fill my shelves with engaging materials that will catch the interest of my most reluctant readers, and I have found that graphic novels are often a very interesting entry-point for students who otherwise wouldn’t spend their free time reading.Graphic novels are visually appealing and there is such a wide variety of genres from which to choose these days. The two graphic novels that we already have in our classroom library are already so well-loved that the pages are beginning to show the wear of so many interested young hands. I’m thrilled that so many of my kids are drawn to these graphic novels, and I’m determined to get more into their hands.

We wanted to everything we could to help these kids start off reading having fun, and so we were more than happy to donate the books she was requesting. And the kids loved them and the project was a success!