We recently helped Mrs. Lopez obtain a new classroom carpet for the kids to sit and collaborate on.  Their school is in a brand new building which unfortunately did not have any usable floor space that was comfortable enough for them to sit on.  Here’s what she said:


My Students

Just a few short months ago my students and I walked into a brand new building for our brand new charter school. We are transforming our classroom into a space that is conducive to movement and engagement.

My students are enthusiastic with a thirst for collaborative and project based learning.

Throughout our day students sit and read, collaborate on projects, and move around to complete assignments. They enjoy having flexible seating options and the ability to spread out during special projects.

My Project

Each day in my classroom begins with a Morning Meeting to encourage teamwork, develop social skills, and to start our day on a positive note. Many of our activities during this time require sitting on the floor. We need this carpet to have a comfortable place to hold our Morning Meeting.

My students will use this carpet area to increase collaboration and movement while learning our complex Core Knowledge Language Arts and Singapore Math curriculum.

My students will create projects related to Greek Mythology, Life Cycles in Nature, and the Human Body among others. This carpet would allow students to have alternative seating options and well as additional comfortable work space.


We could not imagine her class sitting on that cold hard floor so of course we had to step in. As you can see, everyone is having a lot of floortime fun on the new carpet!

Here’s what Mrs. Lopez said once the new carpet arrived: